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Don't Do Ministry Alone!

Don't do ministry alone.  We are better together.

We are all about resourcing and empowering the local church to become a healthy, growing, multiplying church.

Let's Partner Together

We offer three strategic resources to empower the local church to become a healthy, growing, multiplying church.

1. Relationships

No Pastor and Staff should struggle by doing ministry alone. We offer coaches that are successful practitioners in each department. These coaches also facilitate a peer learning community that allows you to belong on a team, discover best practices, and form deep relationships.

2. Resources

We offer Leadership Training, Sermon Planning, Creative Marketing, Pastors Planning Retreats for your family and marriage, and a Peer Learning Community for Pastors and Staff.

3. Results

Churches that join Compassion Network, on average, will increase in Attendance, Volunteers, Salvations, Baptisms, Guests, and Finances by a minimum of 20% by the end of the first full year. In addition to tangible measurable, we believe the congregation, staff, and pastor will grow spiritually, and will have a more enhanced focus toward accomplishing the Great Commission by belonging to a Network of like-minded leaders.



Check out these sample resources from the Creative Team at Compassion Network.
Help Wanted -  24x24-FRONT.jpg

Help Wanted

Sermon Series

Final Battle - Social Square Title (1080x1080).jpg

Final Battle

Students Event

Social Square Title.jpg

Graduation Sunday


Brithday Bash - 12.14.21 - Square Social.jpg

Birthday Bash

Kids Event

Social Square Title.png

Mind Monsters

Sermon Series

Into the Wild 2021 - 1080x1080.png

Into The Wild

Kids Event

Square Social.jpg

Game Day

Recruitment Wave

Father's Day 2021 - 1080x1080.png

Father's Day


Games People Play - Square Social.webp

Games People Play

Sermon Series

Squad Wars - Social Square Title (1080x108.jpg

Squad Wars

Students Event

Social Square-2.jpg


Christmas Wave

21 Days - Square (1).png

21 Days Of Prayer

Prayer Event

When you join Compassion Network, you have access to a Creative Marketing Team. This team provides monthly sermon series packages, signage and print resources, and so much more.


rESOURCES FOR all departments

Image by Kristina Paparo

The Connections Department is a vital part of Compassion Church. Most people will decide if they will revisit a church within the first 7 minutes of arriving at church! It is our vision that we give the greatest first impression possible by creating an atmosphere where people feel loved, accepted and welcomed.

Image by Rod Long

Discipleship is a department (system) with four teams cGroups, Care, Prayer, and Outreach. 
The four teams, help people develop an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other.

Image by Austin Pacheco

At Compassion Church we believe in reaching children right where they are. That’s why we strive to create an atmosphere filled with fun, laughter, and above all, the word of God. Our programs are designed to attract the hearts of children in such a way that they truly want to come back each week to meet with God and learn about Him in creative (and sometimes even messy) ways.

Image by Luis Alberto Sánchez Terrones

The Compassion Worship Department believes that by focusing on growth, development, and healthy culture we can create an atmosphere of worship where people can experience the presence of God. The Worship Department oversees vocalists, musicians, production, and in-service creative elements, which can include spoken words, videos, dramas, sermon illustrations, and other skits used throughout the year to help deliver points or themes in a message or sermon series.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

At Compassion Youth we desire to see each and every student become everything God wants them to be and realize the amazing future they have with Him. To help this become a reality, Compassion Students (6th- 12th grade) aims to engage students right where they are.


What is Compassion Network?

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